2016 Artists

Tamar Dina

Tamar Dina is a multi-disciplinary artist and feminist community organizer.


Najet Ghanai

is a visual artist who creates sculptures and installations from construction materials and foraged natural elements as a means to address post-colonialism and the intersectionality of consumer culture and the natural environment. Ghanai’s practice employs the empowering nature of DIY culture in parallel with old world ingenuity and democratized knowledge, as a tool to promote outdoor education and environmental consciousness. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the NSCAD University (2013), and studied furniture design and fabrication as part of a semester long exchange at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. These wood-working skills, integrated with electronic and new media elements, form the three points of departure for Ghanai’s sculptural investigations. Najet Ghanai is currently living in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she has an active studio practice and runs a small business making and selling herbal remedies from plants foraged along walking trails of Nova Scotia.


Lucy Campbell

Lucy Campbell is a theatre practitioner currently based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. What drives her creatively is making work that is difficult to define based on discipline. She seeks to create theatrical experiments that foster a symbiotic relationship between location, creation and enactment. Her interests lie in a variety of themes and subject matters, but as a recent graduate she is currently interested in creating work that deconstructs the dichotomy of freedom versus being lost. Her current project with the Start Festival mentorship program is an intimate audio tour that explores the complex meaning behind a haunted dressing room.