Volunteer with the Mayworks Halifax Festival!

Interested in Volunteering with the Mayworks Halifax Festival of Working People & the Arts?

Please email info@mayworkshalifax.ca for more info or visit http://mayworkshalifax.ca/

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 7.44.08 AM

The Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council’s goal in organizing the First Annual Mayworks Halifax Festival back in 2009 was threefold. First, it wanted to build bridges between workers’ organizations and artists’ organizations throughout the Halifax region. Second, it wanted to create a fun, entertaining festival that would engage people in both a cultural and political way. Third, at all times its goal in the labour movement is capacity building, training new activists and creating new coalitions.

The Mayworks Halifax Festival has grown so successful over the years that, just like in Toronto, a non-profit arts society has since been incorporated to manage and operate the festival with continued support from the Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council and other local unions and labour organizations. Today the festival is an eagerly awaited annual event by activists, artists and socially engaged audience members throughout the region.

Mayworks Halifax gets even better and bigger every year!



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