13 reasons to go to the StART Festival featuring cute animals… you’ll never believe #3, seriously #11 made me cry, and only emerging artists will relate to #13

1. Our name is a pun… Start… Art… StART…. get it? So let’s get STARTed!





Our roster is chock full of emerging artists making work in a diverse array of arts disciplines.

2. We’re featuring an awesome rap artist for the first time.

Check out Vadell Gabriel’s reverb nation page.

3. One of our artists makes innovative work using old air conditioners.







…Okay, not quite like that. Check out Hunter Lewis Lake’s work here.

4. On Saturday January 31st, we’re hosting an informal grant writing workshop/ skill share for first time grant writers. Admission is by donation. Here’s the facebook event.

It’s a learning process for all of us.

5. Our home, the Bus Stop Theatre, is an amazing accessible space for emerging artists and engaged audiences. See their facebook page here.

Check out that engaged audience!

6. Admission to our performance nights (Friday January 30th and Saturday January 31st, 8 pm, Bus Stop Theatre) is just $10.







Why not bring a friend?

7. We’re also featuring a new collective creation called 1, 2, 3, Woyzeck! based on Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck by Lily Ross-Millard, Anne White, and a host of other talented theatre artists.





We don’t know if their collaboration looks exactly like this, but we’re sure it’s similar.

8. The festival is a great chance to get out of your bubble and meet new people! You might make a new friend making art in a discipline that’s totally new to you.





9. The Bus Stop Theatre is an all ages venue… but for those of you who are 19+, make sure you check out the bar for some cheap local beer.







(dog waiter service not guaranteed)

10. We’re hosting a series of free drop in (pop in!) workshops on Thursday night (starts at 8 pm) at our Pop-StARTs event, including Beat Making, Coil Art, and Making Art from Nature.







The workshops will be beginner friendly, we promise.

11. We’re giving out free pop tarts at our Pop- StARTs event.








Yes, you read that right. POP TARTS.

12. All box office revenues go directly to the artists.

(Sometimes getting paid is a hard concept for artists to understand. )

13. Art needs an audience… just by coming out to the festival, you’ll know you’re encouraging young artists to keep honing their craft.

Your support means the world.

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