About Us

StART is a local organization that supports emerging artists of all disciplines. Based out of K’jipuktuk / Halifax, Nova Scotia, StArt works to encourage and empower artists with the skills, networks, and resolve necessary to pursue their chosen vocation.

We run an annual festival and mentorship program:


The StART Festival gives emerging artists an chance to present and discuss their work. We provide artists with the structure and resources to successfully showcase their creations to a new public with growing opportunities to network with other emerging and professional artists.

The Festival is a great opportunity for artists who consider themselves to be in school or in the process of learning their art form.


The StART Mentorship Program is designed to empower emerging artists by providing them a supported platform to make art, fostering professional development, and creating opportunities to connect with mentors.

The Mentorship serves emerging to mid-career artist who are trying to enter the professional realm.