StArt Festival

StART Festival is a local not-for-profit organization that supports emerging artists of all disciplines. Based out of K’jipuktuk, Nova Scotia, StART Festival works to encourage and empower artists with the skills, networks, and resolve necessary to pursue their chosen vocation.

We coordinate an annual festival along with facilitate discussions, workshops and mentorship programs.

StART Festival gives emerging artists an opportunity to present and discuss their work. StART supports artists by connecting them to resources needed to successfully showcase their art to a new public audience. We hope to help create connections between emerging with established artists and community members in K’jipuktuk.

StART Festival encourages emerging artists at any stage in their artistic process, to join us, get involved, and come out to our events, discussions and workshops.

Our 2019 festival will be taking place October 2019, Stay Tuned!


Dear K’jipuktuk Family & Friends,

StART Festival is dedicated to supporting emerging artists with values in line with community care and accountability. In an effort to remain transparent and inclusive, StART would like to share with all of you the following statement.

In this years planning, StART Festival began a discussion with Halifax Pride, following up on a proposal made by (previous Halifax Pride board member) our current Program Coordinator, Nivie Singh. Nivie put forth a proposal to the Halifax Pride Board of Directors, for Halifax Pride (HP) to create a community grant amounting $10,000.00 specifically for QTBIPOC programming. Although we sat down and had a discussion regarding Nivie’s proposal and were under the impression that Halifax Pride would uphold their commitment, we were unfortunately only honored with $2,300.00 as of Monday, May 28th 2018.

The announcement is being made this evening so the organization could consult as a group to ensure thoughtful discourse. StART Festival turns to members of our community for funding and support in order to run our annual festival. This year StART Festival organizers collectively decided to accept the funds from Halifax Pride. Although Halifax Pride failed in honoring our original request, the organization has accepted the $2300 with the following action items;StART has committed to prioritize a $1000 towards community action towards mobilizing for meaningful accountability. StART Festival invites community members to contact us with input on where they would like that money to go.StART has asked Halifax Pride to amend their bylaws to create a stand alone “harassment policy to ensure there are steps to hold board members accountable to the community and its’ membersStART has asked for Halifax Pride to honour Nivie’s proposal and create a grant in the annual budget to support QTBIPOC artists and or community members amounting $10,000.00This StART Festival kicks off with the launch of Destigmatize It! This new talk series is an open discussion on Intergenerational Realities and Difficulties of “Coming Out” in the 2SLGBTQ community as Black Artists and Advocates”. The panel consists of black advocates that actively organize in the community, varying in experience, age and disciplines. The talk series is an all ages event and pay what you can, it is public at 7:30 pm while doors open at 7:00pm.For transparency we have attached the letter sent to Halifax Pride which you can find below.

We thank you for your time in reading this letter, we recognize that receiving funding from Halifax Pride may impact community members in different ways. The StART Festival team takes responsibility for that impact and invites you comment below with questions or concerns. For more information regarding this, or to contact the team directly, feel free to reach out to us at

In solidarity,

The Team at StART
Kayla, Nivie, Leena & Yalitsa


StART Halifax Pride Letter